Steve Paddack (Drums)

Steve started drumming at 16 and hasn't stopped since. Initially getting started in your typical garage band in the late 70s playing top 40 rock in Navesink, NJ, he continued and crafted his skills in high school under the direction of the highly credible Thomas Elliot. While growing up in his home he was influenced by his Dad, Bob Paddack of Atlantic Highlands NJ who had his own Dixieland/Big Band that kept extremely busy in the area. Steve eventually started playing with his Dad as well as his own projects.

Steve has grown to play all styles of music, light to classic Rock styles from 50's- present and all types of Country. Some of his credits are playing with George Ott and Mike Penny on all recordings of "Eddie and the Tile Coments", and while residing in California for several years in the late 80's to mid 90's, he played with people like Billy Darnell, Jay Dee Maness, Larry Zack, Mickey Jones, Wayne Duram and Gary Hartman and "The Weed in the Road Band". Later back in NJ Steve played with "That Band" out of Atlantic highlands NJ, and currently "Billy's Fault", a local rock band, The BethAnne Clayton Band, and volunteers for Holiday Express on the Jersey shore.

Steve loves drumming in every configuration, but especially enjoys the BAC Band as Steve and BethAnne's special connection not only reflects in their music but led them to an awesome marriage!


Billy Pisciotta (Guitar)

Billy's love for music started when his parents brought him home from the hospital and his dad sat him on his lap in front of the piano. At the age of 5, he picked up his first guitar, heard the Beatles for the first time, and has never set it down.

Born in Elizabeth, NJ and raised at the Jersey Shore, Billy has had the opportunity to play with the most talented musicians in the area. He is one of the founding members of Billy's Fault who you can still catch here in the Shore area. He also performs with the very well known area entertainer "Joey Sudyka" for all occasions. No matter who he is performing with, he always gives his all for the crowd. One of his many favorite highlights was performing "Don't Stop Believing" during a Holiday Express Christmas Tree Lighting in Red Bank, NJ" Even though the temperature was bitterly cold, and his fingers ready to fall off, the roar of the crowd just put a giant smile on his face the whole time.

His most satisfying experiences are when he is performing with the Power of 3 (BethAnne Clayton and Steve Paddack). A prime example is when somebody in the crowd will call out a song that you haven't heard in 30 years, and within a couple of moments the crowd is cheering and applauding like there is no tomorrow. That's what it's all about!

George Ott (Guitar,Bass,Vocals)

George joined his first band, The Mags, after trying out by playing “House of the Rising Sun” over the phone for the other band members. He and Dennis Hearn formed the eclectic group Mad John, which was managed by Norman Seldin. George then formed the popular country-rock Grand Canyon Band, managed by Carl “Tinker” West, Bruce Springsteen’s first manager. He later teamed up with Mike Penny in the electronic duo Mr. Roboto and around the same time wrote and recorded the music for the Sam Sherman movie Raiders of the Living Dead, now a cult classic. George created Eddie Hutch and the Tile Comets, with Mike Penny and Steve Paddack playing and recording George’s humorous politically incorrect social satire songs, which got radio airplay from Dr. Demento. After playing in Florida for a time, George returned to perform and record with singer-songwriter Sandy Rose in New York’s Greenwich Village. Soon afterward, George joined BethAnne Clayton in the early 90s.

In addition to playing with BethAnne, George also works and records with many well-known shore musicians, including Rob Dye, Carl Gentry (in the Byrds and Beyond tribute band), and Poppa John “Bug” Verdecias, who has worked with Richie Havens. George’s songwriting was praised by “Tinker” West in the book Local Heroes by Swedish authors Anders Mårtensson and Jörgen Johansson.

Dennis Hern (Bass,Vocals)

After seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show Dennis started playing guitar and harmonica and harmonizing with his brother Tim, playing in such Jr. High and High School bands as: The Casuals, The Jest Abowts and The Other Syde.

He hooked up with fellow BethAnne Clayton band member George Ott in the early 70’s in Mad John.

When he and his brother Tim reunited in the mid-70’s, they couldn’t find a bass player, so Dennis switched to bass “temporarily” and has been playing bass ever since, in bands such as: Country Spice, Sawdust, Cockles and Mussels, Sparrow, Revelry, The Harbor Slugs and Vocal Point.

Besides playing with BethAnne, he also plays bass and sings with: Danger Zone, The Dave McCarthy Band, and a duo with fellow BethAnne member George Ott.
Gordon Wells (Pedal Steel Guitarist)

Gordon is a man on a mission: to spread the word about the Pedal Steel! Join him for a musical trip through pop, a little rock, some original melodies, swing and light jazz. He might even play a little country music!

With 35 years playing experience on the pedal steel, one might expect that his background is varied. Gordon has made music with some of the finest musicians around, at some of the best venues. The State Theater in New Brunswick, Bally’s Wild West Casino in Atlantic City, clubs, county fairs and summer concerts across the state are a few examples. For the past six summers, he’s had the pleasure of making music with the BethAnne Clayton Band, a fixture on the Jersey shore music scene. Going back a few years, he was an original member of the Eagle Creek Band, which rode the Urban Cowboy / western line dancing craze for 15 years until disbanding in 1998.

Gordon started out his steel playing career falling in with, as luck would have it, some of the musicians who would later form the country rock band Cowtown. As the band progressed, its music became more rock oriented while Gordon’s liking for country music deepened. After parting ways with “The Cows,” Gordon broadened his musical horizons playing in many musical settings, garnering valuable playing experience in country music.

These days, Gordon is a freelance musician, playing a bit less, but enjoying it more.
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